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Runtime Error r6025 Pure Virtual Function Call – Repair Tool!

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To the best of my knowledge there are three main possible reasons for having a Runtime Error r6025 Pure Virtual Function Call. In the following article I’ll explain what you need to do in order to get rid of this Windows error message.

(1) As far as I found out, reason #1 for having this error is due to a malware attack (malicious software) on one of your installed applications – so it is recommended to scan your PC for any possible new malware. (I'd recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsof's free anti-virus).

(2) Another possible reason is corrupted or outdated system or device driver(s) (Software drivers, Windows, printers, scanners, external hard drive, etc.) – you need to verify that all your drivers are intact and fully updated.

(3) And the last common reason is a damaged registry system. The registry system is a critical part of your Windows system as it manages the installations and removals of all your software and hardware installations. As one example, an improper removal of one of your software, can damage your registry records, thus creating Windows errors such as the one you’re experiencing at the moment.

How to repair this error

Problem #1 - Checking for malware requires using professional and updated anti-malware software, but the problem is that even if a malware was detected and removed, it had probably corrupted your registry system and most anti-malware software won’t help in that case.

Problem #2 - Another problem is detecting a defective/outdated system/device driver as most of us have so many drivers installed and go figure out which one is the problematic one…

Problem #3 – Detecting and correcting a damaged registry system is a matter for professionals as it is quite sensitive and complex process.

In my recent searches for a proper solution to this error message, I’ve found that the easiest and most reliable way is by using the following runtime errors repair tool – it repairs Runtime Error r6025 Pure Virtual Function Call errors as well as other irritating PC problems by automatically detecting and fixing malware damages, outdated/corrupted drivers, and damaged registry system.

Feel free to add your comments, suggestions, and tips regarding this error - just scroll down to post.


Click here to repair Runtime Error r6025 Pure Virtual Function Call


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