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STOP 0x0000004E PFN_LIST_Corrupt - Causes and How to Fix it!

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STOP 0x0000004E PFN_LIST_Corrupt
There are two main issues that usually cause this STOP 0x0000004E PFN_LIST_Corrupt error. I’m talking about a software issue and a hardware issue. In this post I’ll handle them both so eventually it’ll enable you to solve this problem.

While some users report that this error occurs randomly, wrapped up in a ‘nice’ blue screen, others might suffer screen ‘freezes’ before this blue screen appears.

What causes this error?
As mentioned earlier, it is either a hardware or software problem.

Option #1/Hardware issue – something went wrong with one of your hardware components (Motherboard? Sound card? Graphic card?). It is either plugged improperly (try to recall if you’ve messed with one of your HW components lately) or it is faulty.

Option #2/Software issue – this is the more common cause (and easy to verify and fix as I’ll show you in a moment) to this STOP 0x0000004E error. One of your hardware drivers is either out-of-date or corrupted.

This might include for example one or more of the following drivers - motherboard, audio, and display drivers.

How to solve this problem
The first and easiest step in order to find out the source of the problem is by verifying that ALL your hardware drivers are up-to-date.

I mentioned earlier that there’s an easy way to detect and repair faulty hardware drivers – this can immediately pinpoint any problematic driver as well as automatically replacing it with an official and compatible one.

I’m quite certain that this drivers repair tool is going to find that something went wrong with at least one of your hardware drivers. Feel free to post your comment on that (below) and tell me if I’m right about that...

By verifying that all your drivers are updated and intact I’m quite certain that STOP 0x0000004E error isn’t going to show up again on your PC since this is the most common cause to this problem. Otherwise, this is a hardware problem that may require you to replace the faulty hardware component.


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harry Dec 20, 2012

I have the blue screen of death with the error stop code of 0x0000004E can u please tell me how i can fix it with out doing a full system restore?

Yaron Dec 20, 2012

Hi Harry,

Have you tried replacing faulty drivers and updating obsolete ones as explained in the post above?


nico dahl Sep 10, 2012

Mostly system files,but it stops before its done cause of an error

Moshin Aug 18, 2012

Hi, during installation of win 7 i received stop error screen with the following stop code 0x0000004e (0x00000002,0x00038807,0x0003f77f,0x00000001). I will be really thankful to you.

ilia Oct 19, 2011

i have this problem, the blue screen whith this code apears randomly and olso sometimes my screen freezeis before blue screen,I know it's not software problem caused by driver or something like that, its hardware problem and I think its videoadapter or RAM, I wonder how i can find out wich one is failed. thanks

Admin Oct 19, 2011

In that case I would first make sure the memory cards and graphic card are clean of dust, then plug them in and out and see if the problem is solved, if that doesn't help then replace the memory cards and if this isn't the problem only then, replace the graphic card.


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