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Scnpst32 dll not Found? - Do the following!

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In most cases it is quite easy to repair a Scnpst32 dll not Found error as it usually occurs when something goes wrong with one of your Windows most important (and sensitive) components. In this article I’d like to clarify and provide a solution to this problem.

You probably already understand that this .dll (Dynamic Link Library) file relates to your Outlook’s Inbox repair tool. From some reason it seems like Windows cannot find that .dll file, and when that happens, it automatically pops up this annoying error message.

In the beginning of this article I’ve mentioned a sensitive Windows component – I’m talking about your Windows registry system. It looks like it was corrupted (Malware?) from some reason, thus preventing windows from accessing that dll file.

The Windows registry system contains thousands of records about your various software installations, including your MS Outlook and its various components. Actually, it manages all your software installations, updates, and removals. Every time you install/update/uninstall a program, it is being ‘registered’ by Windows via the registry system.

Solving this problem

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Solving this Scnpst32 dll not Found error is quite easy and it requires you nothing but installing a Windows errors repair tool. After you install it, run a quick registry scan and let it detect that ‘broken’ registry record that causes this error message to popup. Once it detects the problem, let it repair your damaged registry and you’ll probably never bump into this irritating error message again.


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