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Stop 0x0000003b Blue Screen Crash -- Repair Guide!

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0x0000003b blue screen crash
In most cases the cause to STOP 0x0000003b blue screen error isn’t a hardware problem. In a moment I’ll show you how to detect and then repair the problematic software-based component that causes this problem.

Does this sounds familiar…?
Windows users (XP, Vista, Windows 7) having this problem usually experience this BSOD randomly (several times a day) or as soon as they’re trying to play games or while trying to use their DVD (here is one clue to why this problem might erupt…).

Error messages associated with this BSOD are:
(Parameter1, Parameter2, Parameter3, Parameter4)

What causes this BSOD
Although it might be a problem with one of your hardware components, the most common source of failure that causes this error is a problem with one or more of your hardware drivers.

How to repair this STOP 0x0000003b error
First of all, should you have a desktop, verify that all your hardware components and cables are all connected properly. I would pay a close attention to the graphic card.

Now, if all your hardware components are connected properly and the problem hasn’t been solved, then as I mentioned earlier – one or several of your drivers are either corrupt/outdated/missing!

Again, keep an eye on your graphic card driver as a wide range of known BSOD crashes occur due to problematic graphic card drivers that are transmitting bad data to the kernel code.

In order to detect whether it is your graphic driver and/or other drivers that are causing all that trouble, I highly recommend you to run a quick drivers diagnostic scan in order to uncover all your corrupt/outdated/missing hardware and system drivers.

Once this drivers diagnostic tool uncovers all those problematic drivers, let it automatically fetch and replace them with their precise and most up-to-date versions – this is critical!

When you’re done with the drivers replacements and updates, restart your PC and the STOP 0x0000003b blue screen issue shouldn't occur anymore.


Tip – If it happens that the BSOD (blue screen of death) occurs right after your computer restarts then try to restart while in ‘Safe Mode’ (Press the F8 key while your PC restarts) and then run the drivers diagnostic check as explained earlier.


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elmer Feb 18, 2018


Renee Jul 15, 2017

Hi Yaron, thank you for your advice re 0x0000003b. I downloaded what I thought would be a driver finder but it turned out to be something totally different called Paretologic.

So I'm a bit perplexed... does this program seek out old drivers?

Thank you,

Admin Jul 15, 2017

Hi Renee, Yes, that is ParetoLogic's PC Health Advisor software which also handles old installed drivers issues. In any case these guys provide human support together with their software in order to solve PC technical problems.


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