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Mfc42.dll Error Repair -- Don't Download this File!

Mfc42.dll Error
Yep, if you're getting the Mfc42.dll Error then the first advice would be NOT to try and download this file from any site. Later I'll explain why you shouldn't do that and I'll provide an extremely easy alternative that'll enable you to repair this error.

What are dll files anyway?
To make a long story short...Dll files (Dynamic-Link-Library) are files that contain a set of functions which are being used or 'called' by other programs while 'running' on your Windows system.

Why do Dll errors happen?
Uuuhh...there are so many reasons and it varies from one incident to another - it might happen due to a corruption with a dll file, an accidental deletion of that file, a malware infection issue, or even a problem with one of your hardware devices or drivers.

However, the most common source which is responsible for this Mfc42.dll Error is one of your Windows (Whether it is XP, Vista, or Windows 7) most vulnerable components - that is your registry system.

This Windows component 'registers' each and every application that you install or remove. If something goes wrong with that 'registration' (gets corrupted for instance) then when you try to run one of your programs, and that program can't 'find' that specific dll file, then you get a dll error.

Pinpointing problematic registry entries

Pinpointing problematic registry entries

This error might happen at startup, shutdown, or randomly while working with your PC and I guess you bumped into one of the following alerts:

File is missing...
File was not found...
Could not be loaded...
Has not been registered...
Cannot start...
Cannot find...

If all that 'Technical language' sounds too complicated, that's fine... :)
In a second I'll show you how to repair this error with almost 0 (zero) technical knowledge.

How to fix the Mfc42.dll Error
First of all, don't try to download this dll file from unknown sites and then try to replace it with your own dll file - you might download the wrong/obsolete version/malware infected file.

A professional Windows errors repair tool can automatically pinpoint the source of the problem, and repair this dll error in several minutes. Actually that’s what most PC repair labs are doing when they are asked to repair dll errors...


In order to avoid future potential dll and other Windows errors, it is highly recommended to scan your Windows regularly on a weekly basis. This way it enables you to 'catch' those potential errors before they 'erupt' and cause any damage.

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