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Openal32.dll Missing Error – Download this Tool to Fix it!

openal32.dll missing error
The most irritating issue about openal32.dll missing error and dll errors in general is that they show up out of the blue. I have no idea what you’ve found so far about this specific error, but in the next few minutes I’ll present an easy and risk free method that’ll enable you to fix it.

What you shouldn’t do!
I’ve seen too many PC users who believed that the problem is going to be solved by finding another copy of that file, and then replacing/pasting that file copy to where they believed is the right path…

At that point it either didn’t work or it created further problems including blue screens.

The reasons are:
1) They used the wrong file version
2) The file was infected with a virus
3) They didn’t register that file
4) This wasn’t the issue from the first place…

Some facts about dll errors
Whether it is openal32.dll missing error or any other dll error, there are three things that usually cause these errors:

1) Windows registry errors
2) Virus/Malware issues
3) Hardware/System drivers issues

Of course there are so many other reasons why dll errors occur, but those three are the most common ones and this is where your focus should be.

When a Malware/virus attacks a .dll file and either renames it to something else as one example, or damages the registry configuration that concerns the path to where that dll file is located, then applications that are using that .dll file simply can’t access it or use it…

This is the point where you get one of those missing, not found, could not be loaded, has not been registered, cannot start etc. error messages.

Detecting problematic registry records that cause dll errors

Detecting problematic registry records that cause dll errors

How to repair openal32.dll missing error
Identifying the exact source of the problem and then being able to fix it requires a good technical background, however, most PC repair labs use diagnostic and repair tools that automatically detect and repair dll errors that occur due to registry, malware, or driver issues. Most of these tools are quite easy to handle and can be operated by any PC user.


In order to avoid future potential dll and other Windows errors, it is highly recommended to scan your Windows regularly on a weekly basis. This way it enables you to 'catch' those potential errors before they 'erupt' and cause any damage.

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