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Comctl32.dll Missing Error Download this Tool and Repair it!

comctl32.dll missing error
There are two ways to handle comctl32.dll missing error, the first one is quite risky, it takes time, and succeeding to repair this error isn't guaranteed. The second way is a lot easier with high success rates. In the next few paragraphs I'd like to elaborate about the two options.

Option #1: The risky way
The first option requires an intermediate - advanced technical background and it's quite risky so I wouldn't recommend you to try it unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing...

Since most dll errors erupt due to malware, registry, and driver issues, you need to focus on the following points in order to repair this comctl32.dll missing error:

Should that be a malware/virus issue:
(1) Detect and remove that malware/virus - pretty simple, right?
(2) Detect and repair any registry records related to this dll file that might have been damaged.

Should that be a corrupted Windows registry issue, you'll need to track down, repair, and re-register any defected registry records related to this dll file.

Should that be a driver issue, you'll need to track down and replace (update) all drivers that are related to this dll file.

Now, messing with your registry system without knowing what you're doing might cause you even greater problems and the same goes with drivers installing wrong/obsolete drivers may cause your hardware devices to work improperly or even crash your PC (STOP errors or blue screens).

Option #2: How to safely repair comctl32.dll missing error
The easiest way to repair this dll error (as well as other dll errors) requires no technical background and this can be done by using a Windows errors repair tool that automatically and accurately tracks down and removes malware, damages caused to Windows registry due to Malware, pinpoints and repairs corrupted registry records, detects and replaces corrupted/wrong/obsolete system and hardware drivers.

Searching for damaged registry sections

Searching for damaged registry sections

In average it should take you no more than 2-5 minutes to repair this dll error as well as other dll errors that include the following alerts: cannot start, could not be loaded, missing, not found, has not been registered and others.


In order to avoid future potential dll and other Windows errors, it is highly recommended to scan your Windows regularly on a weekly basis. This way it enables you to 'catch' those potential errors before they 'erupt' and cause any damage.

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