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Dll Errors Repair Tools - Comparison Table


I’ve conducted this quick research for anyone who ever experienced the ‘dll hell’. There’s a wide range of PC repair tools on the Web, however, I’ve gathered the top three dll errors repair tools into this comparison table.

I’ll try to keep it updated as much as I can.

Last update:
December 2011
PCHealthAdvisor Reimage RegCure
  PcHealthAdvisor.com Reimage.com RegCure.com
Direct download Direct download Direct download
What Dll errors can it fix?      
Dll errors due to damaged registry? + replaces damaged system dll files
Dll errors due to problematic drivers?
Dll errors due to malware?
Malware detection & removal
Operating system restoration
What if problem isn't solved...? A human PC expert will support you at no extra charge until problem is solved.

Contact their experts

Limited - a human PC expert will support you at no extra charge but only for the first 2-3 calls.

Contact their experts
A human PC expert will support you at no extra charge until problem is solved.

Contact their experts
Windows® 7 32-bit,64-bit
Windows® Vista 32-bit
Windows® Vista 64-bit
Windows® XP 32-bit
Cost $29.97 $69.95 $29.97
Refund policy

Immediate, 100% refund (60 days money back guarantee)

Immediate, 100% refund (Limited to 30 days) Immediate, 100% refund (60 days money back guarantee)
  Direct download Direct download Direct download


Covers all critical key-points required for repairing the majority of dll errors:
(1) Detecting and removing malware and malware damages to the registry
(2) Detecting and repairing damaged registry entries
(3) Detecting corrupted/obsolete/incorrect system and device drivers, and then replacing them with their correct and most updated (original) versions.

One of the most important key-points that I found about this repair tool is the fact that it is backed-up by a strong human support.

I mean, if from any reason PCHealthAdvisor hasn’t been able to detect and repair the source of your dll error, all you need to do is contact their PC experts support team, and they’ll help you out until the problem is fixed (At NO EXTRA charge!).


Initially designed for the use of professional PC repair labs and independent PC repair technicians, it had later been adjusted for the use of home users and small businesses.

This Windows errors repair tool does a lot more than just repairing dll errors. It works differently compared to other repair tools that I’ve seen by ‘reversing’ any damaged parts of Windows with a comprehensive database of replacement files (including system dll files!).

In simple words it scans your system and creates an ‘image’ of your Windows system, it then compares that ‘image’ to a ‘correct’ form of your Windows platform ‘image’, if it finds any differences, it’ll ‘correct’ your Windows system accordingly.

An excellent solution for anyone who’s required to repair Windows by reinstalling it and wants to avoid that. A truly professional repair tool, however, unfortunately I found three major disadvantages:

(1) it lacks the drivers detection and repair feature (Many dll errors occur due to problematic drivers)
(2) Too expensive! (Double than the other two)
(3) Limited support – you can contact them no more than 2-3 times


One of the Web’s most popular repair tools (over 60 million users).
Quite effective in repairing dll errors caused due to problems in the registry, however it can’t handle the two other important key-points that cause dll errors: Malware and problematic drivers.


P.S. - All these tools are able to handle other common Windows errors that I haven't mentioned in my table such as Runtime errors, Exe errors, Com/ActiveX errors and more.

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